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Who is Donald Trump? Sincere information.

7 ноября 2016

Who is Donald Trump? Sincere information.

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• Question.

Could you please describe Donald Trump? Could you also please tell me what happens if he is elected President of the United States?


When reading Donald Trump, there is a feeling that this man is quite harmonious, inspired, optimistic and generally, he has a role of a positif Creator. He sees the positive aspects in many of the points that was made to be viewed negatively, including in relations with Russia, he sees a lot of development in these respects too. Donald trump is captured by this positive flow, he sees a path that may be completely different than it was before.

This man is free from many prejudices, from social frameworks and dogmas. No, he’s not a revolutionary, I do mean some of the information patterns. For example, many persons in America believes that in Russia bears walk the streets, everyone drinks vodka, etc., so that is the framework which impose a negative impact on the perception of Russia in America. Donald Trump sees that in Russia it is not so as suggested, that there are another people, another government. In general, he is able to see things as they are. This is not a man who can betray/ sell his country, he will support America’s interests in all situations diplomatically and wisely.

There is also a feeling that if Donald Trump will be elected President of the United States, many moments would become more positive, even if it would be some kind of military action. Even if he continued the policy of invading other countries in order to enhance America’s influence, it would be much more positive than it was before. It would be easier and not so bloody as it was at the other presidents of the United States.

Donald Trump is inspirational. This inspiration is a sense in which he knows that he can bring to America a kind of harmony that she was looking for many years. To clarify, this is not some illusory ideals of American happiness, and this is something that is more intimate and at the same time, material and rational. It’s not about trying to fill the financial void that has formed in the energy of America, but to bring harmony in substance.

Trump can bring together people who are tired of the bloodshed, which is present for a long time in American history. And it can bring a lot of interesting, non-trivial even in the lives of Americans citizens and U.S. A. politics. There is a sense of a harmonious creation. If he became President, many countries would look at America quite differently and the economic situation would be considerably improved. But it would be a gradual process of change, it would not be radical; it will be smooth, harmonious and positive process that changes the consciousness and life of the whole country. A lot of problems, including psychological problems, would be dessappear from the life of American citizens if Donald trump became President.


What else can you say about Donald trump?


This is a man who is respectful to himself and people around him, and he doesn’t put noone above not below himself. He is a man who could properly dispose of human resources, if one can use such words because he first sees the humain beeing, his development, his Essence. Donald Trump is in a harmony with himself, but considering his opponent is Hillary Clinton, I will resort here to a comparison, she’s too expressive and just caught at the right time, in the global context some of the tension and confrontation. Donald Trump has difficulties because he’s a reasonable man who wants creativity and development in a very different way than it was before, and what about Hillary, there are hundreds of thousands of people could be involved in her madness , there are many peolple who are already involved. Extremist methods of the acquisition of territory and power is not the way of Donald Trump. And so when Trump gets in an argument in a debate with Hillary Clinton, her position can get a more emotional response from the audience than the Donald Trump’s one. It is more holistic mentally as a person, and his calm and harmony can be confused with indifference, and so he could be consired with less of enthusiasm.

The persons who will vote for Trump are used to be awake and clear-headed. Hillary Clinton will vote by the people who used to solve problems, dramatize, invent problems, in general, to live emotionally in tension. The person who are used to see the enemy in someone, to seek the causes of their disharmony somewhere else and not into themself. It’s Hillary’s case, Trump is absolutely different: it’s the case of development, harmony, creation, creativity, because he is the Creator.



Hillary Clinton said about Donald Trump that he was bought by Putin and other such things. Is this true? They are familiar?


No, not familiar at all. I repeat again that this person is first of all for America, for its development, he would that American life became more calm, stable and in some extent predictable. In any situation this person is in constructive conversation, trying to understand more deeply the other persons, but he always observes and supports in the first time the interests of his country. So he will always defend the interests of the United States. There’s not any connection between him and Putin, I don’t feel any espionage.

In addition I will say that Donald Trump was grown harmoniously, this is the man who came to his current state not because of a shortage of something. He went through a lot of situations and his achievements are indisputables. Speaking on opponent of Hillary Clinton, it can sometimes be lost because he is not used to be opposite, because he has created a fairly harmonious world around him. And for him this manipulative behavior, which is using by Hillary Clinton, devaluation, humiliation and intimidation of people, are very strange. To put it mildly, it is perplex for him. So when watching the debates between him and Hillary Clinton, his reaction can be regarded as a weakness, if he could not resist it. As mentioned in the previous article, Hillary is in a mental state which is a difficult to understand for a healthy, harmonious person.

In the end. If you compare Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton according to the maturity of their psyche, you can definitely say that Trump is most mature person who has a significant experience of the soul, has a more sensible attitude to everything. This is the characteristics of the mature person. The mentality of Hillary Clinton is in a very poor condition. If we used the term of psychoanalysis, we would call it infantile, that is a person who can not be responsible and autonomous when she takes an important decisions not only in their lives but also in the lives of others. Considering her mentality, for 100% there are some external forces that govern her actions, what was also mentioned in the previous article “Who is Hillary Clinton.

P. S. In this analysis, we cannot say, so if you have constructive questions and want details — write on mail website. You can leave a comment at the bottom. You can also ask about any significant events and people in the past and present of the planet; suggest topics for consideration, which are somehow hidden and evoke interest.

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